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138 In Dog Years

Our New Website is Here

Finally! We’ve officially caught up with the times. A blog about beer, does it get any better than that? The best part is, even if you don’t like reading, this isn’t your typical snoozer. We’ll share stories on new releases, upcoming and past events, exciting collabs, and really whatever we feel like – we’re not too strict around here.

Each new blog post will be mentioned on our several social networks, so you won’t ever miss out. Stay in the loop through Facebook and Instagram. Ideally, we’ll have one or two new publishes each month, apart from having even more awesome things to write about.

You also probably noticed that we finally upgraded our website. Isn’t she pretty? A new platform that will always be up to date with everything Yellow Dog. Check for information on our Beer, Brewery, Tasting Room, Community, Blog, and Contact Menu’s.

Thanks for checking us out! We look forward to creating a rad blogging space.


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